ALERT! Fraudulent attempts to impersonate BNP Paribas staff and websites in Australia and New Zealand

June 1, 2023

It has come to our attention that unauthorised third parties have recently attempted to impersonate BNP Paribas websites and staff for fraudulent purposes, including the sale of bonds.

Please note that the official address of the BNP Paribas Australia and New Zealand website is and the official email addresses of all BNP Paribas staff in Australia and New Zealand are in the format

The Bank has not, and will not conduct client onboarding, request clients or prospects to open accounts, transfer funds or conduct other financial product sales activities through this website.

Please remain vigilant regarding any requests for personal information or fund transfers. Never click on attachments or open emails that contain links to suspicious websites or are from an unknown party.

If you receive a telephone call from anyone presenting themselves as a BNP Paribas representative, and you have concerns as to their identity, please end the call immediately and contact your BNP Paribas relationship manager.

There is a risk of attempted fraud, and your personal information or device being compromised, if you visit fraudulent websites or respond to fraudulent emails.

If you are concerned that you are a victim of fraud or that your personal details have been compromised, we recommend you report this to the Police.