BNP Paribas strengthens emergency support plan in response to Covid-19 health crisis

April 15, 2020
  • A direct support plan, activated in over 30 countries including in Asia, bringing the Group’s financial commitment to over €50 million
  • Local support for hospitals, vulnerable populations and young people around the world

BNP Paribas and its subsidiaries have expanded support for communities impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, with the Group raising its financial commitment to its emergency support plan to more than €50 million (around US$55 million) to help countries including China, India and Indonesia.

The funds overall will have a direct impact on hospital systems, medical research and institutions that help the most vulnerable amongst us and disadvantaged young people. Actions in aid of communities are the priority of our emergency support plan, especially when deployed in the field, in support of medical professionals, NGOs and social services support associations that fight every day to seek solutions to this healthcare and social crisis.

In Asia, BNP Paribas made donations to existing NGO partners in China in February to purchase equipment for frontline medical workers in Hubei province. In the coming weeks, the Bank would channel donations directly to initiatives and hospitals in Jakarta, Indonesia and in the Indian cities of Mumbai and Chennai to combat Covid-19, protect medical staff and try to save lives.

“In addition to funds directed to China earlier this year, we will expand our donation in Asia Pacific to around €1.5 million, targeting initiatives and hospitals in India and Indonesia where we expect the risks associated with Covid-19 to remain high and where we hope to help more people in need,” said BNP Paribas Head of Asia Pacific Eric Raynaud.

“Our 18,000 staff in this region can also donate to support NGO CARE-INTERNATIONAL’s efforts to fight Covid-19 and support health in heavily impacted areas globally through our Rescue & Recover Fund, through which employee donations will be matched 100% by BNP Paribas Group.”

BNP Paribas’ teams, with a strong local presence, have already provided support on a number of fronts, including through grants to numerous local NGOs in Asia, Europe and Africa, various bank and insurance solidarity funds, and research via the Pasteur Institute in France. The various actions have so far amounted to €25m, in addition to many other kinds of contributions, including the donation of 3 million masks to hospitals across Europe.

To strengthen its support in the face of the health crisis, BNP Paribas has now launched a new emergency support plan that brings the Group’s financial commitment to over €50m. The plan will be implemented via actions identified by BNP Paribas’ teams across the various regions the Group is present in, and adapted to specific local needs. It aims to help hospitals and vulnerable populations across 30 countries. In India and Indonesia, funds will be directed to hospitals in Jakarta, Mumbai and Chennai. These actions are supplemented throughout the world by volunteering engagements by BNP Paribas employees who, in their working hours, make themselves available to support associations mobilised to face the crisis.

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