PayNow Corporate

PayNow Corporate – a funds transfer service for businesses

BNP Paribas Singapore is a participating bank under PayNow Corporate that enables entities to make and receive payments instantly by linking their Unique Entity Number (UEN) issued in Singapore to their Singapore bank account. The bank and account number of the other entities is not required for funds transfer with PayNow Corporate.

To receive funds, you will need to register for the service with BNP Paribas

Step 1 – Identify an account that you have with BNP Paribas Singapore for linking to your UEN registered with us

Step 2 – Complete and send us a form to register your BNP Paribas Singapore account for PayNow Corporate

Step 3 – We will inform you once the registration is completed.

Upon successful registration, you can start receiving funds from your customers via PayNow Corporate to your BNP Paribas Singapore account.


  1. You do not need to exchange bank account numbers to send or receive funds
  2. You can send or receive funds instantly via PayNow Corporate
  3. You can make or receive instant payments up to S$200,000 per transfer

How to register for PayNow Corporate with BNP Paribas Singapore

Contact your Relationship Manager/Transaction Banking Sales/Client Service contacts at BNP Paribas Singapore on the next steps to register for PayNow Corporate.