Australia and New Zealand Whistleblowing Framework

BNP Paribas Australia and New Zealand (“BNP Paribas”) is committed to listening, understanding and seeking to address concerns raised by our former and current employees, stakeholders, subcontractors and suppliers. We operate a whistleblowing framework in accordance with BNP Paribas Group Code of Conduct and Australia and New Zealand’s regulatory requirements.  

BNP Paribas Whistleblowing policy covers a non-exhaustive list of disclosable matters that can be reported through the dedicated whistleblowing channels including:

  • A crime or offence;
  • Acts of corruption, fraud, negligence;
  • Anti-competitive practices;
  • A breach of the Code of conduct;
  • Infringement of the rules for the protection of interests of clients;
  • Unacceptable or fraudulent market practices and
  • A danger to the public or the financial system

Disclosable matters are any form of suspected (based on reasonable grounds) or observed misconduct or improper state of affairs or circumstances (including matters that may not necessarily constitute a breach of laws or regulations).  

Whistleblowing reports are handled by our Whistleblowing Referents in a confidential manner and are specifically trained to handle whistleblowing disclosures.

How will your whistleblowing disclosure be handled?

Generally, the handling of a whistleblowing disclosure consists of the following key phases:

  • Receipt of whistleblowing disclosure
  • Initial review
  • Investigation
  • Decision and closure

Protections and Confidentiality

 A Whistleblower who makes a whistleblowing disclosure in accordance with the general principles will be protected under Australian/New Zealand laws. No whistleblower may be subjected to any form of discrimination, retaliation or detrimental acts in relation to the disclosure made, even if the allegation was later proven to be incorrect.  

Whistleblower’s identification is protected, unless:

  • consent is provided;
  • BNP Paribas is legally obliged to disclose;
  • BNP Paribas is required to report to the relevant regulatory or law enforcement authorities.


Further information is available via the whistleblowing policies for the relevant locations:

New Zealand

Channels for reporting whistleblowing disclosures    

To report a misconduct whistleblowing disclosure, please contact the Whistleblowing Referent using the available channels:  

  • By telephone: +612 9619 6434*  
  • By email:  
  • Postal address:  
    BNP Paribas Australia and New Zealand,
    Level 6, 60 Castlereagh Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
    Attention: Whistleblowing Referent

Alternatively, you can submit a whistleblowing disclosure via the Whistleblowing Reporting Form below.

To report a sanction or embargoes whistleblowing disclosure, please contact BNP Paribas Group Sanctions & Embargoes Channel.

*This phone line will be directed to an automated answering service where the Whistleblowing Referents will check regularly for messages and the phone line will be recorded.